It happened again. Last September, I wrote a fictional story relating to Jaebum’s return to 2PM. It was about a trip to Seattle and my sudden account with the best, one and only, Leadja. It was about how I bumped into him. It was about how, ridiculously, my sister and I had convinced this amazing man to return to join 2PM. My story clearly indicates that Jay returns by 2010.

Obviously, this had not occurred. Basically, the story had “passed due.” It has expired. That was in September.

On February 25th, 2010, JYPE announced Jay’s permanent withdrawal from 2PM.
Maybe he doesn’t realize. But this one announcement can cause thousands to die.
Fans had emotional breakdowns the first time around. And that time, Jay’s withdrawal was declared to be temporary. What happens when the declaration content changes?
Fans have turned against JYPE. Fans have become antis. Fans have started to support single members, but not 2PM as a whole.

In the few previous days, I’ve read many articles and watched many videos. I saw how fans have created something similar to a funeral for the never-to-return Park JaeBum. I read a translation of JYPE’s announcement. I read some hopeful articles as well.

One, an image, really made me smile. It was the “A 2PM without Leadja is…” image. It showed what a joke it was to remove Jay from 2PM. And it was truthful. But during that four hour conference – that I had not found the content of yet – the members of 2PM said they “hated” him for it, where “it” refers to whatever his personal problem was.
2PM members said they hated Jay for what he did. And what did he do that was so serious? JYPE says it is “too personal” to publicize.

And today, I’m sitting here wondering what can be so personal, that cannot be publicized – especially since he’s already been removed; what can JYPE lose, they’ve already lost their Leadja. And what can be so serious, that cause our Jay Park – Hottest’s Park Jaebum – to be removed from 2PM permanently.

2PM received an Artists of the Year award for 2009. Today, I sit here wondering how they got this award. Oh yes, much has happened that year that can bring 2PM to that spot, that stage, to receive that award. But what, since when does the beginning of the year become the biggest reasons to how awards are given, gave 2PM this outstanding award? And what is it that reminded everyone of 2PM’s presence? There were many artists out there who definitely deserve that award just as much as 2PM.
2PM surely improved a whole lot in 2009.
Personally, I believe, so did 2NE1, so did Afterschool, so did many other groups.

I feel like I might get yelled at, or hated for, for saying that 2PM didn’t get their award because they totally deserved it. I mean, I do believe they deserve that award.
I’m just saying: deserving that award and what created the impact for so many to vote for you is very different.

Personally, I voted for 2PM for Artists of the Year.

My non-Asian friends know 2PM. These are not regular K-Pop fans or anything. These friends of mine don’t know a single thing about K-Pop. How do they know 2PM? And let me tell you, they didn’t know them until after school began. That was September 9th, just a day after his departure.

Approximately fifteen minutes ago, I read a tweet from a Hottest; two tweets, actually:
“ok CRAZY THOUGHT..since 2PMs album will be released in APRIL..wont it be so mean if their album was titled APRIL FOOLS?..and jay comes bak?”
“If that is to ever happen…i think i would literally sit on the computer and CRY…lmao..but it’s just another one of my crazy imagination!”

And guess what. Tears started to form in my eyes. I wish that was to happen. It would be the BEST spring welcome for all Hottests.

In fact, you never know, maybe fans-turned-antis will come back. The boycott may stop. And the world would be at peace again. No one would emotionally breakdown again because of Jay. And then, Jay would be, once again, guiltless.
By the way, I don’t believe he should feel guilty to start with.

**Side note here: I’m guessing that was… four years ago? when he wrote his “Koreans are gay” comment. Well, as a NYC Hottests, I want to ask people: who, under the age of TWENTY, didn’t use the word GAY during that time period? And how old was he? Koreans should learn to get over things. Things don’t have to be taken so seriously – especially when it comes from Americans, because, I must admit, we use words as if they’re nothing.

Because, they aren’t. So get over it. And hope for the best for our one and only, LEADJA, PARK JAEBUM!!!

I LOVE YOU, JAY PARK!! *fireworks*

**Side note TWO!!: And I take it that all 2PM members use words as if they are nothing? I mean, one member, or some, said they hated Jay for what he did. I don’t know. I’m just saying what I read…